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THE portfolio of my work is the portfolio of my passions:  classical music, opera, supporting rising singers, community service and family  To present these visually is my greatest joy.

Everything on this website is my own creation: the videography, lighting, sound, scripting, voice overs and editing.  I’ve even designed and built this website to present my work just as I wanted it to be presented.

By way of background, after a successful career in business, I retired to pursue more creative interests  in my “Third Age.”  These ran the gamut from website design to writing haiku and senryu.  In 2008,  I discovered the joy of visual story-telling and began to learn how to do it.

I have been on the Board of Directors of The Canadian Opera Company and The Atlanta Opera for a combined total of 30 years, which explains why almost half of my videos are about various operas.  

Rising opera singers have  particularly difficult time getting visibility and auditions, so I’m passionate about videoing their great concert performances and posting them to be seen more broadly.

Recording one such concert performance led me to meet Maestro Thomas Ludwig, who generously allowed me to video the past three concerts of the Ludwig Symphony Orchestra with several extraordinarily-talented soloists.




“GIVING back” is a life’s pursuit of mine, so I have captured some of the great work that the United Way and March of Dimes are doing in the Atlanta community in the hope that others will see it and be moved to get involved themselves.

A couple of years ago, I acquired boxes of family photographs, memorabilia and 16mm film.  I’ve tried to bring several wonderful family memories back to life in video.


Stewart Searle


Family Wedding - August 2010